Q: What are AZO dyes and do Ladelle products contain AZO dyes?

There are AZO dyes that have been found to be potential carcinogens. These were first regulated in the EU by Germany and the list is commonly called the German banned dye list. All Ladelle tea towels, napkins, placemats, table cloths, table runners, oven mitts, pot holders are free of AZO dyes. For more information on AZO please see the link below.


Q: What temperature should I wash my Ladelle products in the washing machine?

All Ladelle products have specific care instructions tailored to the use and fabrication of the product. For tea towels and tablecloths Ladelle recommend a warm wash at 60° Celsius and for our Kitchen Accessory ranges Ladelle recommends a warm wash at 40° Celsius. We recommend checking the care instruction label sewn into each product.

Q: Do Ladelle products meet Australian and European standards?

Yes all Ladelle products meet Australian and European standards.

Q: Up to what temperatures are neoprene oven gloves and pot holders heat resistant?

The Ladelle range of neoprene oven gloves and pot holders are heat resistant up to 220° Celsius.

Q: What is the best tea towel to use for cleaning glass?

The ladelle microfiber cloths are best for cleaning and polishing glass and stainless steel. They are available in 4 different colours.

Q: What is Microfibre?

Microfibre is made up of Polyester and Polyamide fibres. These fibres are much finer than a normal fabric fibre the ends are split so they are able to pick up more particles and as a result are naturally antibacterial. Microfibre towels are useful on cleaning surfaces such as glass and stainless steel due to the superior cleaning quality of the material. Microfibre is more absorbent than cotton which means that it makes drying your dishes much more efficient.

Q: What is the difference between yarn dyed and printed?

Yarn dyeing is the process of adding dye to the yarn before it is woven into a product. Printed dyeing occurs after the fabric is woven. This process is used when a design is to be placed on a product that can not be woven into the fabric.

Q: What is a herringbone weave?

Herringbone is a V shaped style of weave used in fabrics.